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Larissa is loved far and wide for her real, down to earth, dynamic approach! Her ministry is characterised by a passion and an anointing to see people set free from life – controlling issues including anxiety and depression. In addition to this, her testimony is a powerful evangelistic opportunity.


Preaching & Ministry: Larissa brings a powerful dynamic to the services she minsters in. She will preach the Word in power, move in the prophetic and bring shift to atmospheres

·      Evangelism: Larissa’s dynamic testimony and ability to relate to the unchurched makes her a brilliant ministry for evangelistic services and events

·      Prayer: We are in the last days and revival is the heart of God for His people. This move in our Church requires us to know how to pray and intercede. Larissa is able to empower your Church on how to pray and why it is imperative we are doing so in this hour.

·    Freedom Ministry: Larissa will equip your Church on how to live and remain free of demonic oppression by teaching on forgiveness, the cross and a believers authority. Larissa is known for her ability to make freedom ministry a normal part of the Christian walk.

·    Workshops & Electives: Larissa currently offers a range of workshops and elective sessions to help build and strengthen local churches. Her offering includes:

a)    Prayer & intercession to grow your church 

b)    De-Activating Anxiety 

c)    Inner health for leaders 

d)    How to use coaching to disciple your people

e)    Seminars to suit the needs of your team 

testimonies and recommendations: 

“Larissa is a seasoned pastor and a great gift to the body of Christ. Her ministry is dynamic and authoritative and gets traction in the lives of people. She will be a great blessing to your church!” Kristy Mills, Executive Pastor, Horizon Church

“I was just talking to my husband the other night and he asked me out of the blue “why don’t you get as anxious as before” and we chatted about how grateful we BOTH are that I experienced your ministry.” Kerry Keil

“The De Activate Anxiety session has allowed me to understand and identify core beliefs that have perpetuated the cycle of anxiety in my everyday life. It felt like a detox and has empowered me to deal with these toxic beliefs from 3 platforms, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Larissa is a gifted teacher and her experience, vulnerability and joyful spirit make it even more enjoyable to plug in each day.” Alanna Cairoli

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