about larissa

Larissa is married to her best mate and has two vibrant and rambunctious girls. Life in her words is currently "a big and beautiful chaos." Larissa has been a Pastor on team at Horizon Church and running her coaching practice for over a decade.   

Larissa has also worked in the welfare industry for 15 years teaching and empowering people. This has given her a unique perspective on evangelism and pastoring individuals and groups. She is able to meet people where they are at and draw out the gold and gifts that already exist. 

Larissa’s life has not always been flourishing however, and like many, she has had a dysfunctional and at times, very dark past. By the age of 21, heavily involved in drugs and the occult, Larissa had a radical encounter with Jesus that both set her free and commenced a call to ministry.

During the next decade and a half, although a Spirit filled Pastor, Larissa continued to battle with crippling anxiety. At 36, after the birth of her first daughter the anxiety and panic attacks had become so overwhelming that at the peak of a 1 year mental break down, Larissa was at the point of taking her own life, however, ‘He that begun a good work in you will see it through to completion’ Phil 1:6.

Larissa discovered something very powerful in this ‘dark season of the soul’ that saved her life and this was, the power of surrender. Larissa learnt the key to her initial salvation was also her key to transformation and healing. By surrendering her mental health to God, she commenced a journey of restoration and breakthrough. 5 years on and Larissa is a testimony to the transforming power of God in the area of mental health.

Out of this season Larissa has developed a program called De Activate Anxiety which is 14 step program for those dealing with anxiety, fear, high stress and panic attacks. This is an online program for women or can be offered as a workshop, done live in house for both men and women. She is also soon to release the accompanying book.  Larissa is a passionate communicator and preaches and moves powerfully in the Holy Spirit whether for a Sunday service, at an event, in a workshop or when coaching one on one.

Larissa has a Bachelor’s in Theology, Cert 1v in Training and Assessment, has served on the Governing Board of Alphacrucis College (the National ACC Bible College) and is currently undertaking her Masters in Leadership.