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Larissa is renowned for her warmth, humour and her ability to connect with people’s hearts.  Larissa is a dynamic preacher and coach who LIVES to see the Holy Spirit and God’s Word be activated on earth. Moving powerfully in the supernatural, Larissa has an ability to lead both churches and an individual into real life encounters with God while maintaining a very down to earth ministry style!

Larissa’s life has abounded in the grace and the deliverance of God. The early years of Larissa’s life were marked with brokenness, abuse and abandonment, resulting in drug abuse, depression and anxiety. At the age of 21, steeped in the occult and on the verge of suicide, she experienced a supernatural encounter with Jesus that brought salvation, deliverance and a radical call to ministry. 

For the last twenty years Larissa has been in ministry and the last fourteen of these have been on the Pastoral Team of Horizon Church in Sydney’s south, where she has brought leadership to a diverse range of areas including Young Adults, Discipleship, Leadership Development and Prayer and Intercession.


14 Day De Activate Anxiety Bootcamp

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