Bible Heros: Eve part 1

Welcome to the new series Bible HERoes! 

As women I think we often hear the lives of the patriarchs being taught from platforms which is powerful but I thought it could be fun over the coming weeks to get some Hump Day #Inspo by looking at some of the fabulous and fierce women in the Bible. I think their lives are crying out from scripture with wisdom and encouragement for us and our daily walk with God… So let’s do it!

Today we will look at some of what Eve has to teach us.

We read in Genesis 1:27 that Eve was born of God and along with Adam created in the image of God. So those that are born of God are made in the image of God. We read this similar idea in the New Testament in John 1 :10 -13 “But those who do want Him (Jesus), who believe in Him, believe who He claims to be and would do what He says. He made them to be their true selves, their God-given selves…” 

I think when we are born again into a relationship with God we are like Eve at her conception. That is we are made into our true and God-given selves. We are fully alive; we are born again into true and everlasting purpose and relationship with our Creator. The fall of Eve however (Gen 3:16) meant that Eve lost that ability to know her true self completely because her unbridled, abandoned relationship with her Creator was tainted.

Eve at the moment of her sin decided to shift her focus from what God told her about her identity onto what the serpent was telling her was ‘truth’. She moved her vision off God her Creator onto the serpent a creation. The moment she did that she set herself up under the curse to ever be looking to creation for identity. For remember it is only those who want him, believe in him and do what he says that get to be made their true selves . When Eve sinned she broke this and so too followed all of humanity after her.

Thus after the fall the curse meant her focus went from gazing completely toward her Creator for identity, value and worth to now looking at her husband for it. I encourage you to read it for yourself. Her vision shifted from God as her ruler to her husband taking that place.

Her gaze shifted from Creator to creation for completeness as a result of her sin

BUT THIS WASN’T THE DEVINE DESIGN -It is only a consequence of the curse! AND GUESS WHAT? We are born again believers who are no longer under the curse. Come on!

Eve at conception teaches us that as women our identity is not found in the comparison of others (looking to creation) or in the attention and affection or approval of men. If we do this we have moved our eyes like Eve off our Creator and onto creation to give us an answer that only God is able to answer.

It is our Heavenly Father’s role, job description, intent and delight to show us who we really are. It is our responsibility to (as John 1:10 reads)

·      Want Him

·      Believe in Him

·      Do what He says

In doing this He will make us our true-selves and our God-given selves

Where are you looking to the creation to tell you who you are or for validation and worth? I want you to see these people or things on the throne of your life and I want you to remove them in your imagination and invite Jesus to sit back on His throne. Ask Him to forgive you and as you do experience His grace and forgiveness flow.

Now cut off anywhere that the enemy has had you living a lie under a curse! Rebuke him! And now ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you have been believing a lie about who you are, about your identity and worth. Now let the Holy Spirit minister His truth about your divine design, your true and God-given selves.


Buckets of love

Nathan Guy