Bible Heros: Rehab part 1

Bible HERoes – Rahab

There is so much in the life of Rahab to be inspired about!

This woman though known as ‘the prostitute’ from Jericho in the Old Testament could also be known as the woman of great courage, conviction and faith.

In fact we read about her in the book of Hebrews in the New Testament when Paul is presenting a history lesson on the great heroes of faith that have gone before us

By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient- Hebrews 11:31.  

Rahab was made an example of for her faith and was counted with the great patriarchs such as Abraham and Moses as someone whose faith is commendable before God and us.

We do not know how or why Rahab became a prostitute in Jericho but this was her state when two spies came to her dwelling. These spies had been sent by Joshua the leader of the Israelites to check out Jericho and consequently when being chased by soldiers behind the walls, found safe refuge with Rahab.
She knew of the Israelites. She had heard of what had happened with Moses in Egypt, what had transpired at the Red Sea and then she had heard that they were now approaching Jericho.

The people of Jericho were in fear, but Rahab was in faith.

Of all the people for the two spies to come across, they ‘happened’ to find themselves in the care of Rahab. Coincidence?  Mmm, there are no coincidences in the plans of God, only God-incidents.
God knew Rahab.

Where the world saw a prostitute, God saw a woman of faith that could be used for His glory and victory. God saw a woman of conviction.

God does not look on the outward appearance, like people tend to do, but He looks at the state of the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

God saw somethinginRahab and He also saw the future He had forRahab. In this walled city, living for the pleasure of men, most likely unloved and without hope for the future, God saw Rahab.

And God, in the midst of your life sees you too.

God had a future for Rahab she couldn’t have dreamt or imagined. God knew that Rahab would be saved out of her life of prostitution, she would be saved from the total destruction that was about to take place to all that lived in Jericho, she would be included into the community of God, she would then marry one of these two spies named Salmon and give birth to a boy and call him Boaz.

God saw all this for her even in her sin.

Is this not the picture of Christ in our own life? He saw us in our sin, saves us from destruction, includes us into his family, unites with us and then causes us to produce and reproduce life into the world. Amazing, but I digress – let’s continue…

So, the story gets even better. Rahab’s son Boaz would then marry a young widow known as Ruth (yes the same Ruth that the book of the Bible in the Old Testament is named after). Stay with me here – I know it’s like a Netflix drama.

So, Rahab’s son, Boaz, would have grown up hearing the miraculous stories of his dad living in the wilderness, crossing the Jordan and being hidden by Rahab. He would have been told by his mother over and again the story of God’s grace and redemption and Boaz would have been shaped by it. 

When you read about the kind of man Boaz grew up to be in the book of Ruth you know that his parents passed on the stories well because he outworked the same faith in God when he believes for and finally married Ruth.

Amazingly Boaz and Ruth gave birth to Obed who was the father of Jessie and the grandfather of King David.

Can you see the kindness and the magnitude of God’s grace ladies!

The world saw a prostitute, Rahab herself probably saw nothing of worth either… but God! But God saw that Rahab would be saved for a purpose. She would be saved and brought into a community to fulfil the divine design of the Creator. To be the great, great grandmother of King David and even more breathtaking. God chose Rahab – the prostitute, to be part of the line that would ultimately bring forth the King of Kings, Jesus.

This is the God we serve! The God that chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. The God that can scrape away our hurts and foolish decisions and see past our experiences and find and call the real you, and the real me.

Like Rahab God sees who He has called us to be and not what the world has shaped us into. The enemy wants to counsel us, fashion and form us into his image. He whispers to us thoughts to kill us and crush our identity. He wants to confine us and stunt us… but God!

Ladies if God could use Rahab, if He could find her and weave His master plan to include her… He can do the same for us!

The fat lady has not sung, it is not the end of the story!

What can you do today to activate your faith today?

  1. Take out old prophecies and refresh your heart
  2. Take out your Bible and fill your heart and mind with the word of God
  3. Pump up the worship music and let it soak your soul
  4. Speak in the language of the spirit - and if you don't why not ask God for the gift?
  5. Begin speaking over yourself scriptures and promises - out loud!
  6. Ring a godly friend and ask them to pray and prophecy over you
  7. If not already, why not take me up on the offer for a FREE session over the phone

God loves and breathes on our faith and can make the impossible possible! #Goforit

He sees you!



Nathan Guy