Bible Heros: Miriam part 1

Adam lay with his wife Eve (this means sex ladies)and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, “With the help (by His favour and good will)of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” Gen 4:1

I love this verse so much! There is so much happening here for us as women that are called of God to be encouraged by. Eve is in a situation that you might relate to as she: 

1.    Has no mentor

2.    Is about to take on something that she has never seen done before

3.    Is about to birth a new plan of God

4.    Is taking on a path that will make her a trailblazer

5.    Has no sisters or community to support her in what God is asking her to do

6.    Feels the pain and consequence of her own sin

Ever felt like any of this before?

But God….

He was there! In the midst of this situation, in the midst of all of this, the Lord was there with her helping her through. He was there teaching her and empowering her through something that she had no reference point for. Ever been there?

Eve was also going through the consequence of her sin. Remember that God pronounced as a result of her disobedience in the Garden that she would experience greatly her pain in childbearing(Gen 3:16). Here we see the compassion of our Creator, the same compassion that drove Jesus to the cross for our sin. God was there helping her as she was bearing the consequence of her disobedience. God is there for us too! 

Through Christ He will bear with us, meet us in the suffering of our own making and still through grace bring His favour and goodness to us. 


Are you suffering because of the consequence of your own poor decision making? The God of grace wants to meet you right now! He wants to help you, bring you His favour and goodness. He is our helper in times of need who will ask us to rise again into His plans and purpose - even after we have failed. Just as He did for Eve.

It was the call on her life to be the mother of all the living. That call did not end just because she messed up! Neither does your call change as a result of your failings and weaknesses.  In our times of need, when we are under oppression and when we sin, the favour and the goodness of God is still available to us so that we can rise again and get back on purpose.

We are called to bring forth new life, to bring forth the Kingdom come and activate heaven on earth. And guess what? It will be at times just like it was for Eve – lonely, unfamiliar, downright scary and painful and at times because of our own making, but God…

God at times will not remove the pain, the troubles and trials from our life but will instead choose to help us through it.

Paul himself in a situation where he was experiencing pain and suffering called out to God for help. We are told though that God’s answer to him wasn’t “Oh yes Paul, let me take that away” but instead He said “My grace is all you need. My power works best in your weakness”.  Therefore I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Could it be that when God allows trials in our life he does so for our own good! 

That he knows it will keep us reliant and on the path of life because we seek Him and stay humble? I wonder if at the time of God bringing down the curse on Eve His motivation was one of love? Could He have been saying… I know that you stumbled at the tree of good and evil. I know you and your weakness and so I am going to put in place a framework that will allow turning points back to me. Would Eve have turned to God, required His help and grace and goodness without the consequences of the curse? 

Our pain points, our trials and challenges have the opportunity of being the very times in our lives where we can look back and see that heaven touched earth for us personally. 

Times where we learnt the goodness and favour of God ways that we never would have had if these hard times had not happened. Sometime we need to rebuke oppression and breakthrough and sometimes in God we have to take a big deep breath, buckle down and walk through the valley to the other side.

We are moving forward in the plans of God for our life, to influence and impact, to reach out and to serve our families and communities. As we choose to be disciples of Christ to our world we need to take courage that Jesus tells us that we will suffer trials and tribulations but that we need not fear for He has overcome the world. He is with us, He will help us, empower us and grace us for the task ahead! 

May we be like Eve and declare that it was with the help of the Lord that we fulfilled the calling on our lives.

“Father I come to you today and lay before you my weaknesses and my heart’s desire to fulfil the call you have on my life. I am struggling with …… (tell him) and know that I need your help. Lord I look for you, I listen for you and I desire to follow you through my current trials. Strengthen my inner self and empower me by your Holy Spirit for your service. In Christ I ask these things.” Amen 


Buckets of love

Nathan Guy