About Coaching

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About Life Coaching

OK! So you’re passionate about fulfilling your life’s purpose and committed to growing as a person but you just can’t seem to get areas of your internal world to flow and hum as you know they could? 

You’re doing everything ‘right’ but your soul feels tired, caged and lacking the joy, freedom and peace that you believe is possible.

Life feels like it has lost its colour and is frazzled in the hurry of life, work and ministry. Amazing Child of God here is a bite of wisdom for you, ready, YOUR internal world needs some serious TLC.

Larissa gets excited about inspiring people to discover their unique design and has a particular strength when it comes to seeing people grow in their potential, personal insight and identifying belief systems in their life that are restricting them living a full and enjoyable life.

Larissa’s style of coaching is all about helping her clients unlock their destiny, by discovering their ‘core belief systems’ that are limiting them experiencing life to the full. Whether that requires exploring the past, pin pointing blockages in the present or opening up the possibilities in the future, Larissa work with her clients with great enthusiasm to achieve their end results. Coaching is a 1:1 experience that can take place over the phone or in person at Sutherland in South Sydney.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a particular technique of questioning between client and coach that explores where an individual currently is situated in any arena of life, where they WANT to be and then creating strategy to close this gap.

A coaching session explores individuals choices, beliefs and life events and through encouragement and occasional challenge acts as a catalyst for transformation. 

*Please note Larissa is not a psychologist so if you are currently seeking treatment for mental health related issues please consult your GP and therapist before seeking coaching.